Julian Belardo

  • Height: 5’10
  • Weight: 175
  • GPA: 3.9
  • Position: MIF
  • Throws/Bats: R/R
  • School: Kellenberg (2020)
  • Commitment: Penn State Harrisburg

Get to know Julian:

  • Favorite team: Mets
  • Favorite player: Jose Altuve/Yoan Moncada
  • Motivational quote: “Veni. Vidi. Vici” ; “I came, I saw, I conquered” – Julias Caesar
  • What does the word “strong” mean to you?
    • To be physically and mentally built for tough situations after constant blows that drag you down, but you’re able to get right back up because you’ve trained for moments like that and more to come. It’s life.
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